Should You File a Tax Return?

Get your money back: Your tax return may result in a refund in some cases.

Apply for financial aid: Accurate tax returns can make it easier to apply for education assistance.

Avoid interest and penalties: Filing your tax return on time and paying any tax owed before the deadline can prevent interest and penalties.

Protect your credit: A lien may not be placed against you if you file your tax return on time and pay any tax you owe before the deadline.

Get an accurate picture of your income: To determine your interest rate and your ability to repay a loan, lenders will look at your tax return.

Build your Social Security benefit: Self-employment income will be included in the calculation of your benefits when you claim it on your return.

Get peace of mind: Paying your taxes on time and filing an accurate tax return are the only ways to ensure you follow the law. For more information, you can visit the IRS website. Still, if you are asking Should You File a Tax Return? please contact us.

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